Personal Name
We calculate planetary position at birth time with detailed birth charts or say as per the janam kundli of the child. In a personal name we need the Date of Birth along with your most common used name. The name which you use in your bank accounts and in your daily routine.
Brand Name
Brand Names are being assigned as per your product and to maintain its popularity among the consumers. There are many common brand names and they are so much popular that the identity of the product is defined with that brand name.
Business Name
Business Names, industry names, company names have also some kind of harmonious vibration into a business family. It not only increases the business but also the popularity of the company as well as family.
Science of developing new Energies in your NAME

Everybody need only experiment with it for a few months when he will be forced to notice how easily things turn for him. You will also notice that the same law applies to his own vitality and health, how he has felt “down” at certain periods of the year, which he will also notice came regularly when he has not been within the “favorable periods” indicated for him. You will then begin to notice how much easier the machinery of his business works. You will no longer be the shuttlecock of what before you called “chance”, you will no longer “lose his head” or be frightened when worries appear to come in from even side. Now you will expect them at certain periods and he will make his plans accordingly. Everybody need only experiment with it for a few months when he will be forced to notice how easily things turn for him.

Astrology is an age old science, which was introduced by holy sages, rishis and munis, who were blessed with wealth of knowledge from the almighty. Astrology most often consists of a system of horoscopes that claim to explain aspects of a person's personality and predict future events in their life based on the positions of the sun, moon, and other planetary objects at the time of their birth.
Our Science
Having firm belief that every thing is done by unseen powers to governed by almighty god LORD GANESHA and LORD SHIVA anything can be run only by their will and wishes of god. So we are doing as per study of nature’s law and its study.
Zodiac Signs
The concept of the zodiac originated in Babylonian astrology, and was later influenced by Hellenistic culture. The signs are held to represent characteristic modes of expression or primary energy patterns indicating specific qualities of experience, through which planets manifest their dimension of experience.